Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine and Tustin

Where Kids Learn Confidence, Discipline, Fitness

Kids love to be active. Rather than letting them sit on the couch with an iPad, send your child to Tajik Karate Academy. Here they learn classic Karate and Martial Arts self defense specially designed for children and youth. Our staff of caring experts know how to interest every child while fostering important values that will last a lifetime.

We also welcome adults of all ages and create corporate training programs. We are your full service martial arts school for Irvine and the surrounding area.

Self Defense Techniques That Work

A big part of Karate and martial arts is protection. Students learn basic moves they can use to disarm an attacker or aggressive individual. In our troubled world, having this training can protect a person beginning in childhood and throughout their life. Our students are always ready to smartly defend themselves and others in many situations.

Build Confidence and Discipline

Karate requires having confidence and the discipline to learn and use techniques. It gives students a very effective way to become more effective. This often shows in school as their work and grades improve after Karate training begins. From doing chores around the home when asked to taking greater pride in their accomplishments, these are qualities that will bring benefits for a lifetime.

Fitness, Coordination, Flexibility

Our martial arts classes are a great way to burn calories, strengthen cardiovascular, build strength, and become more flexible and agile. Your speed increases as does your coordination and balance. This is excellent training for everyone from children to student athletes to adults who want to lose a few pounds while improving health.

Students Learn to Be Leaders

Leadership requires courage and clarity of thought. Karate teaches everyone how to think clearly and solve problems quickly. Students learn how to utilize classic techniques in unique situations. Then learn patience to keep working at a goal until they finally attain it. They also learn patience and understand for those around them. Karate and martial arts require a calm approach with sometimes intense, never failing concentration. These are excellent qualities to have throughout life. They are just as valuable to students as to adults working to succeed in the work world.

Strong Self Control and Direction

One of things that separates success and failure is self control. Both men and women, boys and girl need the ability to avoid things that aren't good for them. To have the wise decision making skills to know which things are beneficial. And to direct their focus on the activities and associations that will make them a good person who consistently experience success.

Our Classes Are FUN!

Above all, the classes at Tajik Karate Academy are fun. Our students have a marvelous time learning and practicing with others. They make some of the best friends of their life. All while enjoying becoming more fit, agile, and prepared for anything that comes their way.

Let's Enroll You and Your Child

With a full schedule of classes for both children and adults, Tajik Karate Academy is the highly convenient martial arts training program that gives you what you need at times to match your schedule.

Please call now to enroll. 

We are always happy to answer your questions. Affordable, convenient martial arts training to last a lifetime.