Family Karate

Family Bonding

A form of family bonding time where families studying Karate develop and grow within a common shared interest. Parents and Children are challenged to develop at their own rate. As we all grow together the student family celebrates each members successes and supports each other through times of growth.

Time Efficient

It is time efficient for the family to all train at the same time and place. The family gains all the benefits of Karate together. Dropping off the kids at different sports events, running to the gym in the few minutes between drop-off and pick-up is very hectic and stressful. Our Family Karate program eliminates the stress and offers more benefits.

Faster Progress

Children are more likely to reach black belt level when they train with and are supported by their family members. Consistency and perseverance amplify the rate of progress and everyone, parents and children alike benefit when the entire family joins the fun.

Happier and Stronger

Karate helps develop focus and releases the stress of day-to-day modern life while simultaneously providing an excellent workout. Time together as a family is better, before, during and after Karate training, when everyone is relaxed and happy in their accomplishment.