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Tajik Karate Academy



Age 15 and up

At Tajik Karate Academy, our Karate program for adults is a full body and mind experience, designed to help you achieve your physical goals, help relax your mind from daily stress, develop confidence as well as your self-defense skills.


Have fun as you get in shape. Our program offers a perfect balance between an excellent work-out and learning karate.

Benefits of training at Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine:

  • Our Classes develop strength and flexibility

  • Training regularly reduces stress and promotes a positive attitude toward our day-to-day life

  • Traditional karate promotes calmness and concentration

  • Karate develops self-control

  • Shotokan Karate develops courage

  • Martial Arts develops self-confidence


Martial arts are unique because they help you improve your concentration by stimulating you mentally and physically.  This helps develop the tools and skills to better manage stress while earning advancement through our belt system, that acknowledges your efforts and progress.

Martial Arts and Karate specifically, have long been hailed as effective self-defense systems, offering skills to defend yourself and your loved ones in a situation where all other measures have proven fruitless.

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