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Tajik Karate Irvine California



Family Karate Classes in Irvine and Tustin at Tajik Karate Academy are a fun way to bring the entire family together. Everyone benefits, when the whole family learns karate together. Adults and children all must work together to grow and learn – families come together as they progress, learn and overcome challenges in our environment.  This shared interest brings everyone closer together as they gain all of the rewards, including health benefits, physical conditioning, stress management and a piece of mind. Our Karate training program in Irvine provides a family friendly environment that challenges our students to grow in every way.

Benefits of training at Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine and Tustin:

  • Our Classes develop strength and flexibility

  • Training regularly reduces stress and promotes a positive attitude toward our day-to-day life

  • Traditional karate promotes calmness and concentration

  • Karate develops self-control

  • Shotokan Karate develops courage

  • Martial Arts develops self-confidence


Our instructors are very experienced and will ensure that everyone in the family gets the most out of the Family Program.

Sign up today for the Tajik Karate Academy’s Family Program and we will send you updated information about when the next class starts.

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