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Age 3 - 7

Using creative activities and learning tasks, our children’s karate program in Irvine reinforces the same time-tested values that children learn at home.  Our martial arts classes offer a fun and instructive environment to develop strength, coordination, discipline and a sense of self-esteem as they progress in their training.

Benefits of training at Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine:

  • Karate develops patience

  • Shotokan Karate develops courage

  • Martial Arts develop self-confidence

  • Karate develops self-control

  • Our Classes develop strength and flexibility

  • Traditional karate promotes calmness and concentration

  • Training regularly reduces stress and promotes a positive attitude toward our day-to-day life


Our Tiny Tigers kids’ karate program will help your child become stronger, more agile and have better memory. Through the study of Karate, various traditional martial arts and other modern self-defense styles our students see development in their physical condition and focused energy levels. Not only is Karate a very effective fighting art, we have a fun, enjoyable environment where your kids’ martial arts skills can be developed and honed.

Our instructors are also very experienced with handling training lessons for children as well as developing effective, fun and easy-to-understand training routines for them to follow and master.

Enroll  in our kids’ martial arts classes today and see them blossom into fit, healthy, confident and intelligent Tiny Tigers both at home and in school.

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